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Home Care

The home care services provided by iCare are the most convenient way to receive the best quality of rehabilitation, nursing or medical treatment from a professionally trained nurses and doctor at home.

Being a source of the top home care in UAE, iCare is the ideal way to receive home care nursing in all parts of Abu Dhabi. Our home care center in Abu Dhabi, was established with only one goal in mind: providing people with an individual-focused experience of being treated by a professional nurses and doctor at home, with complete privacy.


Who Needs Home Care?

  • Elderly patients or those with orthopedic/ neurological disorders and are bedridden would benefit from the top home care in UAE
  • Children that are physically disabled or are experiencing delayed development
  • Patients that are in need of post-surgery care


Home Care Medical Care

  • Visits from a doctor at home for consultations for non-urgent cases
  • Lab tests conveniently performed via our home care services
  • Prescribing relevant medicines


Nursing and Rehab Home Care Nursing for Chronic or Post-Severe Illness

  • Examination and medical advice
  • After surgery care and rehabilitation by a home nurse
  • Therapy and treatment for neurological illnesses
  • Orthopedic home care services


Postoperative Care

  • In-depth examination and supervision by a home nurse or doctor
  • Examining surgery wounds regularly
  • Administering medication and pain relief
  • Dressing and treating wounds
  • Physical therapy


Mother and Baby Care

  • Post natal supervising of health of the mother and baby by a baby care nurse
  • Baby care nurse to provide breastfeeding advice and counseling
  • Wound treatment for caesarian
  • Anti-natal advice


Wound Care and Pain Management

  • Wound examination and supervision from the top home care in UAE
  • Antiseptic treatment and dressing
  • Prescription and administration of medicines
  • Regular pain evaluation and relevant measures


Pediatric Care

  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Neurological illnesses
  • Illnesses of the muscles, bones, and joints
  • Illnesses of the heart
  • Illnesses of the blood
  • Administering feeding tubes
  • Ileostomy care
  • Assistance for after tracheostomy
  • Assistance with catheter
  • Help with movement
  • Wound treatment


Diabetes Management

  • Home care management of diabetes mellitus by patient evaluation and planning
  • Regularly examining blood glucose and blood pressure
  • Administering insulin
  • Counseling about home care management of diabetes mellitus
  • Education about appropriate diet
  • Advice about a more active lifestyle
  • Check-ups for issues stemming from diabetes, preventative treatments


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